Communication Management

Customer Communication Management

ACG offers a wide variety of CRM categories and systems to meet your needs, including our one-stop Unified Communications solution, which allows you to collaborate and make decisions in real time, resolve mission critical tasks, cost controlling, accelerating time-to-market and improve customer services satisfaction regardless of what time it is or where they happen to be.

Overview and Features

Quick Access

Enjoy quick access to our messaging platform! Create,schedule, customized, and track the delivery online. SMS, MMS, LBS, EDM - all the messaging services are ready and available at our all-in-one platform with one login.

Powerful Features

With our bulk messaging service, you can draw the attention of customers on your featured products and promotional activities of your company anytime. Benefit from powerful messaging features, including sender ID, result tracking, messaging gateway and API for your creation based on your needs.

Customizable with automation

Our communication services can be tailored to meet your unique business needs, from back-end system to customize messaging. Our communication solutions have a variety of customization features to control, giving you access to meaningful CRM data.

High Security

Our messaging gateway has been recognized with ISO 27001 to ensure our data are secured with proper handing protocol. Your data is protected during syncing and not permanently stored.

Why ACG (Able Communications Group) for Business Solution?
We have product that's right for your business.

Professional Consultation

Check out with our consultant for the best solutions for your business

Powerful& Easy to Use

Benefit from powerful messaging features at one-stop

Fast and Reliable

All messages are transmitted by the nearest servers with successful rate as high as 99%

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