Business Workflow Management

Business Workflow Management

The Business Workflow Management Solution streamlines the purchasing and management activities of any organization's business program with our workflow Mapping > Workflow Audit > Workflow Automation. It's a great way to offer employee discounts and benefits on the latest rate plans and phones, as well as features such as international calling, messaging, data, and more.

Overview and Features

Workflow Mapping

Workflow process mapping is one of the most important steps in managing workflows smartly. The purpose is to do an initial analysis of a process or processes in a company, to define the current state of the workflow and understand if it is in accordance with the business objectives and strategic planning defined by upper management. 

Workflow Audit

Workflow audit and process monitoring tools provide for faster issue troubleshooting. Advanced Workflow can also be integrated with external systems to break down organizational boundaries and ensure cross-departmental effectiveness.

Workflow Automation

Increase efficiency and productivityacross the organization with an enterprise level business process automation designedtoautomate criticalcommunication processes. Our automation tools can be tailored to meet your unique business needs.

Unlock the benefits of mobility

To work faster, better and smarter.

• Variety of choices to maximize your budget; select from either per functional unit or per user task

• Offer secure automated flow

• Workflow mapping and audit is available 

• Professional Support 


• Muli-department management available

• Enhanced productivity with app management and content integration

• Effective data security and compliance

• Cost-effective and easy integration

• A scalable cloud based solution

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