Artificial Intelligence Logistics Service

Artificial Intelligence Logistics Service

Our dedicated professional team utilizes AI and big data analytics to provide fast and reliable logistics service as one stop omni-channel retailing solutions. With our AI logistics technology we can offer the best delivery service to our retail partners.

Overview and Features

Place your delivery request

User can place orders through our smart IoT platform, simply fill in basic information and customized requests, e.g. In-transit refrigeration for dairy product and request for specific delivery time etc.

Smart matching of delivery service

Our smart AI logistics service will optimize and find the quickest route, record the traffic and weather information to ensure the delivery is trackable and without hassles.

Visual auditable tracking in real time

Our order management system allows users to capture the logistics information in real time and ensure 100% on-time delivery.

Why ACG for Logistics Service?

AI Logistics Service
✓ End-to-end e-Commerce and smart delivery 

    e.g. provide temperature-controlled delivery

✓ Seasonal packaging

✓ Centric smart lockers pick up service

✓ Assign dedicated delivery agents

✓ Smart notification system

Traditional Logistics Service
✘ Can not control the temperature

✘ Packaging by yourself

✘ No lockers pick up service

✘ Random delivery agents

✘ No notifications

Featured Case Studies